Status: Training Slump

Sometimes when involved in parkour(or anything for that matter), we hit a “Training Slump”. It causes laziness to kick in, interest in other things more than parkour, or even an excessive lack of training. Almost everything else becomes more interesting, and parkour isn’t. Either that or you’re just having a hard time going out to train, and it starts to feel like a chore. It definitely happens to the best of us sometimes, and to others, not at all.

When you’re in a training slump, it may be tough to get out of it. Some friends I’ve had in the past are in a permanent training slump, and they no longer train. Thats ok! Because there are MANY, many things to do in this world. But whats the best way to get out of a training slump?

  • Stop training until you actually get excited to train again.
  • Do something else thats active. Pick up a sport or start working out.
  • Train differently than you have been, it may spark your interest.
  • Train with someone different, or even alone if you usually train with others.
  • Have your friends push you to try something new.
  • TRY SOMETHING NEW. Sometimes slumps happen because you get too comfortable with what you’re doing.
  • Train in different clothes or shoes.
  • Watch a lot of inspiring videos.

Sometimes your lack of interest in training could be the very reason you started training in the first place. Parkour is a big stress reliever. Many people train to get away from the world for a while and release their stress. But sometimes, there are things that an overpower even are most peaceful places. That may be the time to take care of things that you need to, instead of running away from them. Every person is different, so there could be a number of reasons why your training slump is happening.

There may even be someone or something unexpected who might be able to help you as well. Just look around. Inspiration is everywhere, and in everyone. Just keep moving!


(Written by Vinnie Coryell)

3 thoughts on “Status: Training Slump

  1. David Ivey says:

    I also find that excessive filming can put me in a training slump. I assume that filming can also pull you out of a training slump:)

    1. Esteban says:

      The calming aepsct (for me) is the repetition that goes into perfecting your movement. You zone in and end up doing so much of the same thing, progressing towards cleaner movement.You don’t need any special equipment, all you need is shoes (kinda) and clothing that will let you move freely. The movements I’ll mention can be found at the site on the bottom. They’re considered basic, but you build on these for everything you do:Quadrupedal movement (quadrupedie)- It’s a general work out, but it also does a lot for your coordination. There are a lot of variations, some on rails if you want to work on balance. Get used to the fact that you can move with two hands.Cat grabs/traverses (hang shimmy) and climb ups- QM will do more for your triceps, quads, and abs, these will mainly work your forearms and biceps. Should get you used to climbing objects. Try climbing trees and moving on them as well.Precison jumps- It’s mainly your quads, but also works on your landing technique, balance, and strength to distance judgement capabilities. Find a spot with a good sized gap, something you can do, and repeat them.Balance- learning to move on narrow surfaces is essential for parkour. Practice it, get good at it.Vaults- these require the use of at least one hand, the shifting of your bodyweight, the leg power to get initial air, the coordination to judge distances and body position, and the arm power to carry through. There are many vaults out there, so take them one at a time. You might get them easily, you might not.Finding a spot for all this may be tricky. Look at playgrounds, and keep your eye open for places that may make your movement through them difficult. Don’t forget to look in forests, if you have any.

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