Jesse Coquoz


About Jesse Coquoz:

“Growing up I was always trying to find my niche. I tried all sports from soccer to football and bmx to snowboarding, but nothing felt “right”. These sports were all organized in a way that limited creativity and lacked freedom. On top of that, most of these sports required you to stay on the ground and since I was young I loved being upside down and up in the air. As a kid I spent a lot of my time on the trampoline and then eventually started doing flips and tricks on the grass. My first year of college I found out about parkour and what it was really about. I couldn’t believe that it took me so long to find out about something that I was meant to do. I have been training since late 2009 and now it’s all I ever want to do. I am currently a junior in college, studying to get my degree in Mechanincal Engineering. With this degree I plan to do something that I will enjoy and that will make a difference. I work at the John McConnell Math and Science Center, teaching kids math, science and engineering in an exciting and hands on way. I also work at a local gymnastics gym teaching parkour. Move to Inspire is going to be an outlet for a lot of tracuers and I am very blessed to be part of this community driven group.”

Teaching Experience:

Kidzplex Gymnastics

6 months teaching classes and workshops relating to the following;

  • Acro – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Flips and Flow

John McConnell Math and Science Center

1 year and 6 months teaching camps and classes relating to the following;

  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Math and other Sciences

Personal Teaching Experience

  • Workshops in Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Outdoor Parkour Mentor

Professional Work:

Live Performances(As Performer)

  • Night Vision – Christian Music Festival


Move to Inspire – Founder

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