New Classes!

Time Trials – (Ages 9+) – This class focuses on speed in Parkour. We break down transitions, foot placement, quick thinking, and proprioception on a fundamental level to apply it to speedy movement. Learn to get quicker movements as we create unique and challenging speed courses. Can you beat your best time?

New Flip Focused Classes
This Program covers front flips, backflips, sideflips, basic tumbling and more!

*NEW* Intro to Flips – Intro to Flips will get you learning all of the fundamentals to flips. Once completing the 8 intro classes, students will move into Flips Level 1. (Includes x8 classes each 1.5 Hours Long and open gym)

$140 for Intro to Flips

Combo Pricing – Sign up for Intro to Parkour and Intro to Flips for $200 (Saves you $55)! – Includes all 16 Intro Classes and Open Gym.

Flip Classes(1.5 Hr)  –  (Ages 7-17)  –  This is a flip focused class. The goal is to help students become more aware and capable with acrobatic movements including basic flips, twists, wall tricks, tumbling, and more! Students must start with Intro to Flips Class.

Girl Parkour – (Ages 7+) – This class is a great opportunity for girls and women of all levels to come out and be introduced to Parkour in a safe and fun way–as well as those well seasoned to get a good workout in and refine their technique. Every week class content will vary, teaching all the fundamentals of parkour, including proper running technique, jumping, landing, rolling, vaulting, wall runs, tacs, cats, and so on. We will also cover exercises and methods of training on your own outside of this class.

Tricking(1 Hr) – (Ages 10+)  –  Tricking is a training discipline that combines kicks with flips and twists from gymnastics as well as many dance moves and styles from breakdancing. It aims to achieve an aesthetic display of different combinations of “tricks”.

Little Hops(45 Min)  –  (Ages 4-6)  –  This class is designed to teach your child the fundamentals of parkour and movement in a fun and creative class environment. With an introduction to excercises for balance, grip strength, landing, falling and obstacle courses your child will gain an understanding of movement and proprioception.