S.T.I.C.K. Championship 2019

S.T.I.C.K. is a game about control, creativity, and endurance.

Friday, April 12th, 2019                   Warm Up starts at 7pm

Entry Fee: $10


Like H.O.R.S.E. in basketball, you have 0 letters to start. Player 1 starts the round by setting a precision jump with a stick. The other players follow with the same jump. If they do not stick the jump, they gain a letter. Participants rotate through each person for setting jumps and play until all but one player is eliminated.

A stick counts as a landing with planted from contact, and landing position held for 4 seconds, able to stand up after completion of stick.

Jumps can be to walls, ledges, rails.

LEVELS  will be divided up and participants will be paired with their skill level. There will be 3 different levels, each with a champion who will receive a prize and trophy.

Intro and Level 1 – 1 Jump Sets

Level 2 – 2 Jump Sets

Level 3 & 4 – Up to 4 Jump Sets.