Inspire Parkour Competition

May 4th, 2019

Derived from our brand name, Move to Inspire, the Inspire Parkour Competition has three main focuses.

  • To INSPIRE athletes of all ages to grow in movement and sportsmanship that stays true to the culture.
  • To bring athletes to our atmosphere to SHARE and learn together.
  • To help athletes and the sport to PROGRESS in Grand Junction, Western Colorado, and the United States.


There will be a men’s and a women’s division. (Ages 16+)

Speed – Qualifier Heat to move into the finals, Final Heat to place.

Style – Each participant gets a two runs. Judging split into four categories: Difficulty, Execution, Flow, Diversity.

Prizes include cash, gear, and more!

Event Check In Times

Speed – 10:00am

Style – 2:00pm

Jam – 6:00pm


One Event – $40 (Speed or Style)

Full Event – $60

Spectator Fee – $5

Jam Only – $10