Adult Classes


This class is ages 17+    |     1 Hour

Students will develop their Parkour abilities from the ground up. This is a fun and fast placed class formed around the fundamentals of Parkour training. Students will learn how to land, roll, climb, jump, and vault through drills and games designed by our experienced instructors. Students will be taught form, technique, and creativity to sustain a healthy and strong body through safe, controlled progressions of movement.



This Class is Ages 10+ | 1 Hour

This class focuses on speed in Parkour. We break down transitions, foot placement, quick thinking, and proprioception on a fundamental level to apply it to speedy movement. Learn to get quicker movements as we create unique and challenging speed courses. Can you beat your best time?



This Class is Ages 10+ | 1 Hour

This is a flip focused class. This class is to help students become more aware and capable with acrobatic movements and linking them with Parkour movements.

  • Front Flip, Sideflip, Backflip
  • Flip Twist
  • Wall Tricks
  • Basic Tumbling, Cartwheels, Round Offs, Handstands
  • Bar Tricks
  • Combinations and linking flips and Parkour movements.

Prerequisite for this class is Jump Start.