Andrew Cavuto

AndrewHeadshotSponsored Athlete

Name: Andrew Cavuto
Age: 20
Years of Movement: 3

Bio: I was born in Torrance, California on September 20th 1991. I am Hawaiian,Italian Portugese I was the kid who would fall off the monkey bars onto my head, get up laughing and do it again. I’m an easy going jokester. In love with music that isn’t country music. I had a very active lifestyle from a young age. Being home schooled for 9 years, my parents saw fit to put me in sports at the local parks. I played basketball, football, and soccer. I was terrible at all of them. After discovering my inability to play team sports I got into weight lifting, skateboarding, snowboarding, and wakeboarding during my teen years. At the age of 14 I had an obsession with becoming a Navy SEAL so I would go running everyday and do heavy conditioning. At this time in my life I lived in Lake Arrowhead, California, a forest with lots of rocks, trees, and creeks to run through. This is when I began to do Parkour without knowing it. To me it was just running through the forest, crawling through the mud, scaling rock faces, climbing trees, and hurdling or vaulting the obstacles before me. This all came to an end when I had a snowboarding accident and messed up my ACL. During my rest period I ceased physical activity and got lazy. My sophomore year of high school I was put into public school and, participated in high school sports. I did track, wrestling, and cheer. During the summer after my union year I discovered Parkour during one of my vacations in Hawaii. I met up with the Parkour community out there and began the journey that I’m continuing today. After discovering Parkour I stopped doing other sports and dedicated all my time to it. I’m not too big into flips or tricks, I’ve always preferred flowing and strong movement. I trained alone for the majority of my first year or so. I’ve been training for about 2.5 – 3 years and I don’t plan on stopping for a while. Still learning. Still loving.

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