Casey Wilson


Sponsored Athlete

Name: Casey Wilson
Age: 18
Years of Movement: 5

Bio: Throughout elementary school, I wanted to try every sport to see if any of them interested me. I really enjoyed playing baseball and basketball, but football and soccer did not interest me at all. My dad wanted to coach a little league baseball team, so he got a job teaching and I got onto his team. I played baseball all of elementary, however when I got to middle school I no longer wanted to play baseball because it was becoming very competitive and I hated always trying to be better than everyone. In middle school I found Kung Fu. Martial arts had always intrigued me and I had tried Tae Kwon Do once, so I searched around for any martial arts school and finally found Kung Fu. At that time it was what I loved doing the most and I wanted it to develop into my career in the future. One day I met a neighbor and he showed me a wall flip, which was amazing to me. It was similar to the martial arts that I had seen in the movies so he invited me to a gymnastics gym to learn some flips. As I played at the gym every week, I realized that Kung Fu was turning more into a task than an art form that I wanted to practice all of the time. Around 8th grade I found a gym dedicated to parkour that was called Apex Movement and all I wanted to do was train parkour. I decided that parkour was what I wanted to do with my life, so I left Kung Fu and have been practicing parkour ever since. At the moment I am getting certified to teach parkour classes at Apex Movement. I just love life and want to see where parkour will take me, whether it’s events, jams, workshops, competitions, a career, I just want to see what comes into my life. Move to Inspire is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn more about parkour, to get myself better known in the parkour scene, to meet other amazing individuals, and anything else that comes to me. I’m excited to see where my future goes with Move to Inspire.

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