Strength and Flexibility Classes

One of our biggest goals at Move to Inspire is not only to teach Parkour properly, but to teach how to treat the body properly and why it’s important. One of the most important parts of movement is to ensure the body can handle the stresses and movements it will endure. This is why we have added and dedicated a class to Strength and Flexibility. This class provides an hour of conditioning and strength training methods that target both large and small muscles groups for stability and control, as well as stretching techniques with proper form to prevent injury and increase flexibility and mobility. Through this class, students will be taught techniques to use on a regular basis to help create a sustainable, strong, nimble, and capable body.

This class is available for all members to take as a class credit, and is available under it’s own membership. This class is low impact and a wonderful cross training class for all sports and physical activities. We believe it is one of the most important and applicable to our training methods. If you haven’t tried it out yet, please do!

Use a class from your membership, or sign up for a Strength and Flexibility Only membership.

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30

Meet Our Instructors

We are proud to say that the most important quality of each of our instructors, is that they care. Move to Inspire instructors are all developing their individual skills and abilities as athletes, therefore each one has the students best interest at heart. All instructors are CPR/First Aid Certified and have minimum of 2 years of intensive movement training. To find out more about each of these experienced instructors, click on their pictures below.


What Shoes Should I Get for Parkour?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions from both our students, and parents. Need to find the right shoes for Parkour? We’ve been around the block when it comes to this topic. You want shoes that last, that work well, and that don’t break the bank either.

Here are some guidelines:

Thickness/Bulk – We recommend getting a shoe that has minimal thickness. The thicker the shoe, the harder it is to do Parkour. Some people would consider it as protection, but honestly, it’s like putting a blindfold on your feet. You can’t feel the pressure you need to push from, or the proper placement of your foot for landings/take off. While thinner shoes might be tough to get used to, it will make your Parkour abilities that much better. Don’t go for bulk.

Grip – Make sure the bottom is made of rubber, not foam, and not coated in anything soft/fuzzy. You want to be able to grip to as many surfaces as possible.

Full Bottom – Try to stay away from breaks in the shoe on the arches or in the heel. This is a prime way to get an ankle roll or land somewhere you don’t want to.

Durability – Try to find a shoe that is made well, something that will last, because in Parkour, we tend to go hard on shoes.

These are some shoes we suggest looking into to get the best out of your training, and your wallet. Click on any of the names below to see.

Feiyue     |     Vans Unisex Lo-Pro    |     Puma Futures    |    Adidas