Intro Parkour Classes

Intro Parkour breaks down all of the fundamental Parkour training and fitness. The skills learned in this class will be the core of your Parkour training and fitness. We take an in depth and progressive look at the dynamics of Parkour. We focus linking the mental and physical training that develops your Parkour skills. You will learn how to land, fall and roll properly, along with specific jumps, cat leaps, and vaults. Within this program we will also teach about the history and philosophies that follow with Parkour training.

Upon completion of 8 Intro Parkour Classes, students will move into Level 1. Students will receive a White Panda Band after their 3rd class.

This is a prerequisite class for all other movement classes.

Intro Parkour is an hour class that takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Youth Intro Classes – ages 7-12

teen Intro classes – ages 13-17

New Freerunning Class

This Class is for Ages 10 and Up | Prerequisites for this class are Level 2 and Acro Lvl 1.

Freerunning is a branch of Parkour that uses a more stylistic movement. With Parkour movements at it’s core, freerunning uses artistic and expressive movements, flips, and tricks to create unique lines and combinations.

Strength and Flexibility Classes

One of our biggest goals at Move to Inspire is not only to teach Parkour properly, but to teach how to treat the body properly and why it’s important. One of the most important parts of movement is to ensure the body can handle the stresses and movements it will endure. This is why we have added and dedicated a class to Strength and Flexibility. This class provides an hour of conditioning and strength training methods that target both large and small muscles groups for stability and control, as well as stretching techniques with proper form to prevent injury and increase flexibility and mobility. Through this class, students will be taught techniques to use on a regular basis to help create a sustainable, strong, nimble, and capable body.

This class is available for all members to take as a class credit, and is available under it’s own membership. This class is low impact and a wonderful cross training class for all sports and physical activities. We believe it is one of the most important and applicable to our training methods. If you haven’t tried it out yet, please do!

Use a class from your membership, or sign up for a Strength and Flexibility Only membership.

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a sport and activity in which participants move through an environment quickly and efficiently. Parkour utilizes fluid and controlled jumps, vaults, and climbing to navigate over and around walls, rails, and other various obstacles. In addition, Parkour movements are used with flips and tricks to develop a more creative and path, with the same principles.

Parkour reaches into and beyond the physical realm, it helps develop strong work ethic, focus, confidence, discipline, strength, body awareness, creativity, community, and much more.

At Move to Inspire, we believe Parkour is THE way to understand yourself in many ways. The way to discover new things about yourself, the way you move, and the way to become better and more useful.