September 2019 Changes


We’d like to start by saying thank you to all of our students and parents for the support and help in creating a home for the movement we love! Here are our new offerings and changes for Fall 2019!

Be sure to check in with us as we are offering monthly special events, workshops, and offers throughout the rest of 2019!



September Pricing/Class Updates

New Memberships

Open Session Membership – Access to the facility during all open hours, no instruction included, must follow all gym rules and signs and take an on-boarding lesson.

                        Day Pass – $20/Day

                        Monthly Pass* – $65/Month
*set up with autopay

(This membership is for those who are interested in using the gym and progressing in their movement but do not want classes or instruction. We are offering access to the use of the Move to Inspire gym during our open hours. Classes will have priority of equipment.)

Drop-In Fees
$20 Drop in for Classes
$10 Drop in for Open Gym

New and Updated Classes

  • Jumpstart & Flipstart classes are our intro to flips and intro to parkour classes renamed.
  • Ninja, Tricking, and Time Trials Classes will all be available this fall.

New Wristband System

We are excited to introduce our updated curriculum and new wristband system! We have been hard at work analyzing our students progress and developing new ways to help progressions make sense and work in a way that encourages and helps students thrive.

Parkour Dictionary

Coupled with our updated curriculum and wristbands, we will be providing Parkour Dictionary. An online video breakdown of each of the movements we teach for students to analyze for a better understanding of Parkour!

Parkour Dictionary

This fall we will be finalizing a Parkour Dictionary for our students!

This video series will be available to all members. The videos will show the skills in your level required to move into the next level. Each movement will be shown at different angles and in slow motion so you can analyze the movements and know what you need in order to move to the next level! Higher level videos will be restricted until you move up and will be accessible once you have completed and passed your current level test.

Parkour Dictionary can be found by signing into our Member Login and clicking “Parkour Dictionary” on the left hand menu.

New to Move to Inspire?

Lets Get Moving!

Is this your first time taking classes here at Move to Inspire? If so we welcome you to join one of our Intro Programs. These programs are an excellent starting point for those looking to learn the art of Parkour, proper flip training, or aerial arts. Here you will learn the fundamental movements and safety skills necessary.







Strength and Flexibility Classes

One of our biggest goals at Move to Inspire is not only to teach Parkour properly, but to teach how to treat the body properly and why it’s important. One of the most important parts of movement is to ensure the body can handle the stresses and movements it will endure. This is why we have added and dedicated a class to Strength and Flexibility. This class provides an hour of conditioning and strength training methods that target both large and small muscles groups for stability and control, as well as stretching techniques with proper form to prevent injury and increase flexibility and mobility. Through this class, students will be taught techniques to use on a regular basis to help create a sustainable, strong, nimble, and capable body.

This class is available for all members to take as a class credit, and is available under it’s own membership. This class is low impact and a wonderful cross training class for all sports and physical activities. We believe it is one of the most important and applicable to our training methods. If you haven’t tried it out yet, please do!

Use a class from your membership, or sign up for a Strength and Flexibility Only membership.

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30