The Move to Inspire Parkour Facility strives to spread what we believe as the core values of Parkour. The MTI Parkour Facility is comprised of outstanding Instructors with experienced backgrounds in several arts of movement. We want to provide a creative atmosphere of training and learning with our staff, unique classes, and mobile structure system.

The MTI Parkour Facility is a 5,000 sq ft of solid and moveable structures. The obstacles mimic an outdoor environment, with this we are able to make creative challenges, exercises, and teach/train techniques in a very unique way.

You can find us at:
715 S. 7th St.
Grand Junction, CO, 81501


Check out our classes and gym offerings to help us give you the most of your Parkour journey.


You can view our schedule at anytime here!


Our experience and certified instructors come from strong Parkour and movement backgrounds. Get to know them here!

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