Flips Class

Intro to Flips

Ages 7-17      |      1.5 Hour Classes

Intro to Flips breaks down all of the fundamentals to air awareness, proper technique, and the different ways you do flips. Through strength building, form practice, and special drills the student will gear towards learning the basics of flips including wall tricks, bar tricks, ledge tricks, and tumbling.

Upon completion of 8 Intro to Flips Classes, students will move into Flips Level 1.

Flips Level 1 – This class focuses on a basic intro to the techniques and fundamental movements needed to understand how to do basic flips such as a frontflip, backflip, and sideflip along with wall flips and other wall and bar tricks.

Flips Level 2 – This class focuses on combinations and linking of tricks and adding other combinations to bars, walls, and ledges.


Intro Class Combo

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