Ryan Fleming


“I started parkour when my six-year-old cousins visited me before my freshman year of Highschool, they loved American Ninja warrior and I wanted to impress them so I started looking online for resources and came across some videos of Ryan Doyle doing tricks and decided I wanted to learn. For three months I trained on my own with help from the internet (Tappbrothers, Ronnie Shalvis, and the Parkour Subreddit). I eventually found Move to Inspire and I knew I found something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It been 2 years since I started and I’ve loved every minute of training. I want to eventually open my own move to inspire gym and grow the community worldwide because of how things are run at MTI in addition to the connection it has in my journey as a traceur and a person. So far on that journey, I’ve competed in several competitions, held gym records for dash distance, and am working on my own personal records. All of my training and philosophy about training is to be as efficient and functional as possible (with some flash in there of course) but I want to be known for my speed and creativity above anything else.”