Intro Classes

Intro Classes


Intro to Parkour

Youth – Ages 7-12 | Teen – Ages 13-17 | 1 Hour Classes

Intro Parkour breaks down all of the fundamental Parkour training and fitness. The skills learned in this class will be the core of your Parkour training and fitness. We take an in depth and progressive look at the dynamics of Parkour. We focus linking the mental and physical training that develops your Parkour skills. You will learn how to land, fall and roll properly, along with specific jumps, cat leaps, and vaults. Within this program we will also teach about the history and philosophies that follow with Parkour training.

Upon completion of 8 Intro Parkour Classes, students will move into Level 1. Students will receive a White Panda Band after their 3rd class. Click here to find out about our wrist band system.

This is a prerequisite class for all other Parkour Classes.



Intro to Flips

Ages 7-17 | 1.5 Hour Classes

Intro to Flips breaks down all of the fundamentals to air awareness, proper technique, and the different ways you do flips. Through strength building, form practice, and special drills the student will gear towards learning basic back tucks, side flips, and front flips. In addition basic tumbling such as cartwheels and round offs will be a focus.

Upon completion of 8 Intro to Flips Classes, students will move into Flips Level 1.


Intro Class Combo

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(Includes all 16 intro classes and unlimited open gym!)


Intro to Aerial

Ages 7-15 | 1 Hour Classes

This class is geared towards the beginning student! We will be working on developing foundation skills on three different aerial apparatus including silks, hammock, and lyra (also known as the aerial hoop). These classes are meant to be progressive with a huge focus on safety, strength, and flexibility to foster proper technique and confidence in a fun, group atmosphere.