Jaren Gisner – Head Instructor

JARENGISNERHEADINST“My name is Jaren Gisner, I am 17 years old and have been training for about 4 years. The story of my movement and how I got into parkour is very closely related to Move to Inspire. My friend Kurt who used to live in Grand Junction got me into parkour by showing me videos and just teaching me some very basic things, and I was hooked. Kurt, was actually renting out his smaller house to a man named Jesse Coquoz one of the founders of MTI. So, any parkour knowledge passed to Kurt was then passed on to me, straight from one of the creators of MTI. Eventually I started going to training sessions with Jesse and Vinnie, which I was unbelievably happy about, considering they both were a huge inspiration to me. From there I grew close with both of them, Vinnie in particular and started learning a lot and training with him, and my progression took off. I am a part of Move to Inspire because from my first day of training I was inspired by them, and made it my goal to become a part of the team, but not until later into my training did it become apparent to me that there was more to my goal than that, I wanted to inspire people myself and be able to spread parkour to others, which I achieve through Move to Inspire. That leads into my future goals for parkour. I intend to keep training and keep pushing myself, and spreading the movement to others through teaching at the MTI Parkour Gym, probably my biggest accomplishment in parkour, and through my personal training.”