Jaren Gisner


Name: Jaren Gisner
Age: 16
Years of Movement: 3

I was born here in Grand junction and have lived here my whole life. I played many sports and tried many things before I discovered parkour. After playing baseball and basketball for a while and training parkour at the same time, I realized that I wasn as happy playing baseball and basketball as I was training parkour. I was originally introduced to pakour by my friend Kurt, who showed me videos of Storror, and Vinnie Coryell, which then inspired me to start moving around and trying to emulate the movements I saw on videos. I learned a lot of basics from training with friends and having them try to teach me simple vaults, rolls, and how to precision with good form. I realized after exploring more into my on movement that parkour was my passion and I now had a new drive in life. I realized that parkour made me happy and was a great way for me to express myself through movement. So now, two yeas later here I am, further than I ever could have imagined that first day I stared training parkour. I am so grateful for finding parkour and the oppurtunities I have recieved through parkour. I have never enjoyed anything more in my life than training parkour. Through parkour I have learned skills that translate into my everyday life. It has helped me learn to overcome any obstacles in my life. Parkour is one of the biggest driving factors in my life, and it helps me grow stronger physically an mentally. Other than parkour I enjoy snowboarding, and I have 3 brothers and one sister, and we really enjoy traveling together as a family.

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