Jeremy Carpenter

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Name: Jeremy Carpenter
Age: 24
Years of Movement: 9

Bio: I started doing parkour when I was 15 years old in the summer of 2006. I had a buddy show me something everyone has probably seen, the parkour documentary “jump london” My intrest in the sport and movement was so much that I immediatly started training with my friends and started learning parkour. After a couple years of practice I started finding opportunities using parkour to do performances and coach. I started doing it professionally traveling the world and meeting hundreds of other athletes and I found a family of people that shared and enjoyed the same movement I did. I found a community of people that meant alot to me and I to them. I’ve now been training for almost 10 years. I love parkour and am very passionate about it. I want to keep moving as long as I exist! There’s been alot I’ve seen and done since I started training but my favorite part of it all is meeting, helping, and teaching fellow athletes.