Joey Adrian

Bar Perry Photo

Sponsored Athlete

Name: Joey Adrian
Age: 20
Years of Movement: 3

Bio: I have been throwing myslef this way and that for as long as I can remember, just having fun as a kid! Both of my sisters took gymnastics lessons and dance lessons, so I was at the gym a LOT! When I was 11 I began taking gymnastics lessons myself.  I LOVED IT! Well… I loved it for about a year… Then my coach pushed me to join the team… At that point I lost ALL interest.  It became too much about competition and I hated it.  I quit when I was 12. About a year later my family co-owned a dance studio where I took breakdancing lessons 😀  When I was 14 it all stopped,  from then on it  was all bad.  I drank constantly and skipped school so much that there was no way I would be graduating on time. I had alcohol poisoning twice… Basically just a really bad time in my life. Slowly I realized that was not what I wanted.  I didn’t know WHAT I wanted.  I began to drink less but still skipped school to play video games all day.  After a school change I felt my life was getting back on track!  Not long after that I found out about Parkour. My friend showed me a few videos and we began learning kong vaults over my moms truck. I was instantly hooked! I couldn’t get enough of it! I was actually doing something to improve myself and it felt amazing!  I went online and found a meetup group called Portland Parkour.  For the rest of that summer I was out with my meetup group, exploring the city and learning new movements the whole time. Through Portland PK I learned about Revolution Parkour, Naydenov gymnastics, a billion amazing spots in my city, some fun community events, and even went on a trip to L.A where I met awesome people who shared the same passion for movement as I did! Me and my friend Caleb Bain took over Portland Parkour and still run it today. Through sheer luck I landed a job at Revolution Parkour as the freerunning instructor (The BEST job I could have EVER hoped for!!!!)  Now here I am, stoked to be able to share the joy of movement with everyone in my life!

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