Kent Johns



Name: Kent Johns
Age: 21
Years of Movement: 7

Bio: I was born in Denville, NJ in 1994. I moved out to Missoula, MT in 2001, at the age of 7. My main background in athletics before parkour was ski racing, which I did competitively for eight years before I moved on from it in 2011. I was exposed to parkour for the first time right before I started high school in 2008. When I was 14, a friend’s dad showed my friend and me a few videos of parkour online, mostly of David Belle and Oleg Vorslav. Both of us were captivated by the videos and wanted to try it. We went down to the local park and just played around. Obviously, we had no idea what we were doing. We searched around to see if there were any parkour organizations in Missoula, or even just other people to train with. At the time, there was really only one other person in the state doing parkour, Corey Gransbery from Butte. Seeing that there was no parkour community in Montana at the time, Michael Graef and I started the Missoula Parkour Group in August of 2008 to be a group for people to train with. I have now been training for 5 years, and co-founded Unparalleled Movement, a company that teaches parkour and freerunning classes, and that has become a full blown parkour gym. Throughout the past few years, the Missoula parkour community has grown greatly, and I have had the great opportunity to watch it grow and help teach and guide many upcoming traceurs.

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