Level 1

LEVEL 1*   |    WHITE BAND   |    PANDA
*Includes Jump Start



After attending THREE classes with us at Move to Inspire, we will give you your first band: The White Panda Band. This signifies the start of your journey toward becoming a Master of Movement. We will provide your first band of each level for free, but if you lose it, a replacement band costs $2. If the band breaks, bring it in and we will replace it for free.

Level 1 classes focus on the fundamental and initial movements that students will continue to use throughout their entire Parkour training. Each of the movements and habits learned in this level will create good technique, understanding of the movements themselves, why they are used, how they are used, and where each of these movements can be used.

This class also helps the student become more aware of their surroundings, their body movements, and their overall capabilities. It begins to help students understand their body moves in its own uniqueness.

Prerequisite for Band

  • Attend 3 Level 1 classes (or 3 Jump Start Classes)

Restrictions – (See Gym Rules in Addition)


  • Height Restrictions – No getting on top of obstacles taller than your reach. This includes the bar and warped wall sections.
  • No jumping from obstacles higher than your waist.
  • Use mats during swinging on bars.
  • No balancing on rails other than floor rails.
Movement Breakdown

These movements will be continued in all Levels.

Quadrepedal Movement(QM) – Movement on all fours, with all fours. Focuses on balance, coordination, and overall body strength.

Landing Techniques – One of the absolutely most important things in Parkour: Landings. It doesn’t matter how far or high you can jump, or if you can attempt a flip. It all comes down to how you land.

Jumping – A big part of Parkour is jumping, how to do it safely, controlled, and confidently.

Parkour Rolls, Dive-rolls and Falling – Rolls and knowing how to take impact with your body will teach you how to achieve more with confidence, because you’ll understand how to bail out properly.

Balance – One of the key components to movement as a whole. The better balance you have, the more capable you will become.

Vaults – This is using the hands and feet to move over lower walls and obstacles. I.E. Kong, lazy, safety vault, dash.

Walls – Walls can be used in many ways, we break down the basics. How to start getting up walls, how to get down walls safely, and how to use them to boost your momentum.

Bars – We focus on basic grip strength, swinging, and coordination with bars.

Combining the Basics and Critical Thinking – Certain classes focus on combining each of the basic movements in either obstacle courses, or challenge based ‘Hot Lava’ style courses.