Level 2



MantisBandAfter COMPLETING Level 1 with us at Move to Inspire, we will give you your second band: The Green Mantis Band. This signifies the progression and understanding of the fundamentals, and your commitment to learning how to make your body move well. We will provide your first band of each level for free, but if you lose it, a replacement band costs $2. If the band breaks, bring it in and we will replace it for free.

Level 2 classes focus on refining the movements from Level 1 and Jump Start through repetition. This class also introduces the movement concepts that come from understanding the basics on a more in depth level, including flow, control, technique, and muscle memory.

This class also helps the student become more developed in their strength, discipline, and helps them understand where to apply their practice.

Prerequisite for Band

  • Completion of Level 1 or from Jump Start upon Instructor Approval.

Restrictions – (See Gym Rules in Addition)

  • Height Restrictions – No getting on top of obstacles taller than your reach. This includes the bar and warped wall sections.
  • No jumping from obstacles higher than your shoulders.
  • Use mats at all times during swinging on bars.
  • No balancing on rails other than floor rails.
  • Flips from no higher than your waist.


Movement Breakdown

Jumping – In this level we learn how to jump higher, land better, combine jumps, and utilize our momentum to jump further.

Roll Diversity – Rolls on hard ground, and dropping into rolls are a big focus with this. Taking impact from a slightly higher level can make a big difference, but is very beneficial.

Balance – Balancing on slightly higher rails, with more control, and continued practice for moving with balance.

Vaults – New vault techniques and styles, along with combinations, fluidity, and different dynamics of vaults.

Walls – Develops fundamental techniques and how to jump to walls, from walls, and how to get up them faster.

Bars – Level 2 starts to develop releasing from bars, brachiating, and getting on top of rails safely.