Level 3




After COMPLETING Level 2 with us at Move to Inspire, we will give you your third band: The Purple Panther Band. This signifies your dedication, discipline, and hard work to learn how to use your body. We will provide your first band of each level for free, but if you lose it, a replacement band costs $2. If the band breaks, bring it in and we will replace it for free.

Level 3 classes focus on strength, understanding how to make movements easier, and learning where your body is at, at all times.

Prerequisite for Band

  • Completion of Level 2 Assessment and upon Instructor Approval.

Restrictions – (See Gym Rules in Addition)

  • Height Restrictions – No jumping from obstacles higher than your reach.
  • Use mats at all times during swinging on bars.
  • No flips higher than your head. Use mats properly.
Movement Breakdown

Ground Level Movements – We will diversify your rolling by practicing ambidextry with all rolls and QM. We also begin to learn how to use rolls in unique ways, such as on top of obstacles and over them.

Jumping – In this level we learn how to jump at different heights, variations, and to and from rails.

Vaults – New vault techniques that develop fluidity and the practicality of vaults. Including vault to precision, vault to cat, downward vaults, and diving vaults.

Walls – Using techniques to get up walls and different variations of cat hangs, 180 cats, and climb ups.

Bars – Jump to catch on a bar, laches to cat and precision, and 180 swings are introduced.