Move to Inspire Member Options

To support Move to Inspire during our closure AND get the most out of your training, click any of the options below for more info:



As many of you have seen, there are closures all over the state and country. This has been a huge hit for our gym and instructors. Our goal is to keep our gym running. When we are allowed to open up our doors again, we will do so. In the mean time, we want to ask for your support, and keep your kids moving! We are providing Virtual Parkour Classes and access to equipment for purchase to use in your home. We also have an option for you to donate to the gym.

We are taking the following actions and providing the following options:

Currently Purchased Classes & Auto Pay
No refunds will be given for classes already purchased, but they will roll forward when we re-open. All Auto-Pay accounts have been cancelled for the time being.

While We Are Closed
During the closure, we are offering resources and options for our Parkour students to participate in. Unfortunately we do not have any options for our Flip Training or Aerial Arts students, we may have resources in the near future.

For Parkour Students
We are offering our own Virtual Parkour Classes which in addition gives you full access to Evolve Move Play online training course, and At Home Equipment with front door delivery in Grand Junction and Fruita with bonus videos options to those who purchase them. Scroll Down for More Info

Parkour Book
We have 3 copies left of The Parkour Roadmap by Max Henry. This is an in depth and well thought out look at the history of Parkour, the current state of Parkour, and the future! This is a great read to familiarize yourself with what we do during the closure. Click Here to Visit Shop

We are also opening up the option for parents/families to support the gym additionally through donations. Scroll Down for More Info

At Move to Inspire. we love what we do, and we love our students and their families. We are hoping for the best and aiming to keep the passion and movement we’ve started with Parkour alive and well. Thanks to all of you for the support you’ve given so far, and the continued support now and in the future.


An added note relating to Covid-19

Please wash your hands, cough into your arm, and stay away from sick people. Social distancing is very important to protect the vulnerable population (Your grandparents, nursing homes, weak immune system population, and even Vinnie, who has Cystic Fibrosis). Now is the time to focus on the greater good of the community. Stay vigilant!