Welcome to the official information page for the Move to Inspire: Winter Classic!
The goal of this event is to bring athletes and their students together in one location to compete, teach, learn, and train!
All Participants must have waivers filled out for both Move to Inspire AND Get Air Facilities. Waiver must be filled out by a parent if under the age of 18. Click the links below to fill out for each.
As a registered participant, you have weekend access to the following.
– Participation in the main competition event (AGES 10-17 ONLY)
– Access to all workshop events.
– Access to training and open sessions at MTI.
– Access to Get Air Facility.
– Housing at the MTI Facility
**The competition is being hosted by instructors and adult athletes for students and young athletes to compete, learn, and grow together! If you are an adult athlete come cheer them on and take part in the workshops and jam session as a non-competitor!
Main Event Competition: 10am
Competition Finals: 1pm
Workshops: 3pm
Jam: 6pm
Main Event Competition
The Main Event will be split into two age groups. The participants will be competing in a speed course, followed by a set of challenges. Based on their time in the speed course they will receive a certain amount of points. Points will be given for each of the challenges completed. The combined scores of the speed course and challenges will determine the finalists.
Age Group 1 – 10-13
Age Group 2 – 14-17
Competition Finals
The competition finals will be another speed course, based around the fundamental movements of Parkour. Fastest time wins.
We will have a number of highly trained and skilled athletes teaching workshops to help develop better movement skills and abilities! This is something you don’t want to miss.