Nathan Weston

P1100402Sponsored Athlete

Name: Nathan Weston
Age: 19
Years of Movement: 4

Bio: My training started from the beginning, in my backyard, on my garden trampoline. As a toddler, my mother would bounce me to sleep on the trampoline. As I grew up, my older brothers and I would almost always jump on the trampoline every day, trying flips and double bouncing each other sky high. I got into soccer, baseball and basketball for about 6 years, and my childhood was revolved around these sports. During this, when I was about 10 or 11, I started taking beginner circus classes. We trained to tightrope walk, juggle, ride unicycles, and jump on the trampoline, which I was already fairly good at! I did that for about a year or so, when one day my teacher thought I should do more advanced classes at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in West Seattle. Taking classes there was so much fun, and I got to learn a lot more from their great teachers. I really wanted to work more on acrobatics in classes, however. My coach, being a former gymnastics coach, suggested that I get in touch with some gymnastics gyms and go there. I ended up going to Auburn Gymnastics Center in Auburn WA. I started and competed as a level 4 gymnast. The next year I jumped to level 9, eventually competing at nationals in my age division that same year. After that, I quit gymnastics due to the program at my gym collapsing, and returned to my old sports that I loved, basketball and soccer in my 8th grade. After getting back into what I thought was my desired path in life, began to slowly jump on my trampoline more and more, slowly getting back into doing flips on it. After a little bit, I posted a video of some tricks, and my basketball teammates thought it was so cool and that I needed to do more of it. They sparked a lot of excitement inside of me, and I started to really get into doing trampoline tricks. Slowly, the trampoline tricks turned into what I heard was called freerunning. I stopped playing basketball, and decided to just train freerunning, and then later, parkour. I have been training since October of 2012, and I have been enjoying every moment of my time. There is something so enjoyable about this sport that I cannot get from anything else in life. It keeps me striving for more, and to keep trying to be better than I was the previous day, both in life, and in parkour and freerunning. Following this path has led me here, to Move To Inspire! I am super excited to be apart of this amazing team, and I cannot be more thankful for this opportunity!