Our Mission

At Move to Inspire, we want to share Parkour and movement with all and any age, gender, and body type regardless of movement history or skill set. It is our belief that anyone can practice and learn movement. Through our training programs, we provide  you with understanding how and why Parkour is the ultimate training method for body awareness, strength, agility, and cross training for any sport or movement practice. We utilize Parkour as a tool to help you create yourself, expand your work ethic, understand your body, and create an all around mind and body connection. The root of learning anything starts with the stepping stone you are currently on. We strive to elevate each individual onto a new stepping stone by providing a community with a fun, constructive, unique, and safe training atmosphere.

Our mission, is to challenge the way you think about movement, whether it’s here in the gym, in your sport of choice, or even in your daily life.

We are here to show you that fitness can be exciting, fun, and that movement truly is for everyone.

-Move to Inspire-

2 replies on “Our Mission”

hey, iv just found out about move to inspire and i fell in love with it instantly, it is something iv been trying to do in my local areas a lot. i love what your doing and just wish you the best of luck

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