Peter Chasteen

Peter Smile

Name: Peter Chasteen
Age: 21
Years of Movement: 5

Bio: I first started parkour in 2010 with my buddy AJ Aljaafreh. We trained in my hometown of Hunstville Texas together for years. Through parkour I have met basically everyone I know, whether that be from jams or through the trips I have gone on around North America. In the spring of 2013 my great friend Kyle Robinson and I went on a trip up the east coast and across Canada by train. This trip really opened the world up to me and inspired me to move away and try to live life exactly as I wanted it to be. This involved quitting university and my job to facilitate my travels. Later that same year of 2013 I finally started to tour on my motorcycle to see parkour friends. It was wonderful to visit so many widespread parkour communities around the US and see how much growth parkour is undergoing these days. It also lead me to find the place I wanted to live. I moved out to Grand Junction to be closer to my move to inspire friends as well as settle into a steady progression with my training. Travel is great, but it is hard to be consistent with anything when you’re constantly on the move. I’m really excited to be where I am today. And thankfully parkour is not only a facilitator but is something still ongoing in my life.

Parkour to me is a relaxation time. The feeling of being creative and pushing my boundaries brings me back to center and leaves me feeling wonderful. Id say that parkour is the single most solidified thing in my life. It’s shaped my decisions, my jobs, my travels, and definitely who I am and how I view the world around me.

In my spare time I really like to ride/tinker with/fix motorcycles, cook, exercise, and go out into nature. My favorite parkour move would definitely be the Lache.

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