September Changes


We’d like to start by saying thank you to all of our students and parents for the support and help in creating a home for the movement we love! Starting in September we will be switching over to a membership pricing structure. This will make payments more streamline and easy to track. In addition we will be offering several new classes to go along with the Memberships so you can get the most out of what we have available. A new schedule for September will be available on our website

Be sure to check in with us as we are offering monthly special events, workshops, and offers throughout the rest of 2016!

September Pricing/Class Updates

*If you have classes purchased through September, we will honor those until they have been used, and you will be moved to a membership option.

Drop-In Fees
$20 Drop in for Classes
$10 Drop in for Open Gym

Jump Start – $140 –  This is our intro program that teaches the fundamentals of Parkour, terminology, and gets the student used to our processes and programs. This class starts at the beginning of each month and runs two times a week for an hour and a half, coming to a total of 8 classes. Upon completion of Jump Start, students will be eligible to take our other *Movement classes, starting at Level 1.

*Movement Classes – Parkour Level 1-4, Time Trials, Acro.


Memberships start from date purchased

                                                             One Month      3 Months(15%)     6 Months(25%)

Gold Membership                               $160                      $408                      $720
Unlimited Movement Classes
Strength and Flexibility Class
Unlimited Open Gym
1 Free Guest Pass

Silver Membership                              $120                      $306                     $540
Up to 10 Movement Classes
Strength and Flexibility Class
Unlimited Open Gym
1 Free Guest Pass

Bronze Membership                             $70                    $178.50                    $315
Up to 5 Movement Classes
Strength and Flexibility Class
Unlimited Open Gym
1 Free Guest Pass

Unlimited Open Gym                          $60

Mini Movers OR
Little Hops OR
Strength and Flexibility Classes

4 Classes Per Month(1xWeek)             $60


  • 10% off all memberships for college students (with valid ID).
  • 10% off for each subsequent family member signed up for a membership.
  • 15% off referral discount for every new member you get to sign up for a membership.
  • 15% off for all military, law enforcement, and firefighters (with valid ID).
  • Save 15% when you sign up for a 3 month membership.
  • Save 25% when you sign up for 6 months. That’s just over one month FREE!

* Discounts and special offers do not apply to drop-in fees.


Time Trials(1 Hr)  –  (ages 7+)  –  This class focuses on speed in Parkour. Learn to get quicker movements as we create unique and challenging speed courses. Can you beat your best time?

Acro(1 Hr)  –  (Ages 7-12 Youth  |  Ages 13+)  –  This is a flip focused class. The goal is to help students become more aware and capable with acrobatic movements including basic flips, twists, wall tricks, tumbling, and more!

Strength and Flexibility(1 Hr)  –  (Ages 7+)  –  This class is designed for all athletes of all ages to gain knowledge about physical sustainability,  increase their core strength, and gain all around flexibility to increase their safety and performance in physical activities. With a series of exercises and stretches, this class will provide a great way for any athlete to cross train and take the skills learned into daily and weekly movement practice.

Little Hops(45 Min)  –  (Ages 5-6)  –  This class is designed to teach your child the fundamentals of parkour and movement in a fun and creative class environment. With an introduction to excercises for balance, grip strength, landing, falling and obstacle courses your child will gain an understanding of movement and proprioception.

Mini Movers(45 Min)  –  (Ages 3-4)   –  Mini Movers is a fun and enthusiastic way for your toddler to get moving and be creative. This class teaches the fundamentals of movement and exercise through games and various movement oriented activities.