Our staff strive to give provide students with a friendly, encouraging, and fun atmosphere. Each with unique movement backgrounds and common goals, Move to Inspire coaches are highly experienced in Parkour training, teaching, and community. All instructors have been training Parkour for no less than 3 years, and are each very familiar with movement, fitness, and are driven to get the best results for students and their personal abilities. 

Vinnie Coryell

Head Instructor/Owner & Operator

Positive attitude and progression has always surrounded Vinnie in his life. Through his passion for movement he has found many opportunities to travel, teach, and explore his own movement. With these experiences he has become a world name in Parkour and hopes to help spread his positive atmosphere in all walks of life and see others grow. Vinnie aims to help individuals develop a strong and practiced skill set through healthy training practices and healthy thought processes, as well as to grow himself.

“There are many opportunities in everyday life, we just have to see them, go for them, and bring our friends.”

Trevor Rittenhouse

Head Instructor/Owner & Operator

Trevor took on Parkour at the young age of 13, when Parkour was still budding in the U.S. He has always been involved in athletic activities and involved himself in as many fun times as he could.


Victor Karp

Head Instructor

Adventurous and dedicated, Victor has been a hidden gem in our Parkour community. He recently suffered from a torn Achilles. He set him self out to fix what was broken in the best way possible, giving him more appreciation for the things we all love. With a thirst for knowledge in training and conditioning, he has gotten himself back stronger and with more fire than before. Now he uses his passion for sharing, teaching, bringing the community closer together and furthering himself as a teacher and as a student.

Jaren Gisner


Jaren is a very enthusiastic and outgoing Parkour athlete who has taken his youth by storm. His Parkour abilities have unlocked so many doors and opportunities for him in all walks of life. He is very interested in teaching the younger generation and help others succeed in life. We are very happy to have him apart of Move to Inspire as one of our assistant instructors!

Brogan Butler



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