Trevor Rittenhouse


Name: Trevor Rittenhouse
Age: 20
Years of Movement: 7

Bio: Since the dawn of time, I have been moving in some way, shape, or form. I loved to climb, jump, play; simply do active things. Eventually, I stumbled across parkour when I was in 6th grade. I was immediately enthralled by the form of movement and began to teach myself, along side my close friends Brogan Butler and Arturo Gil. After about 3 ½ years of doing our own thing with no proper instruction, we attended a Denver Jam and met the Apex Movement crew, who has since developed multiple parkour facilities around Colorado. I began staying at Apex Movement gym for long periods of time seeking proper instruction. Upon arrival back in my hometown of Aspen, Colorado after my first extended training session at Apex, I was determined to increase my own abilities in parkour, as well as spread parkour into my valley. In order to do so, I created an Aspen Parkour club at my high school during my freshman year. As my high school career passed by, I continued to teach the club, as well as train and assist at Apex Movement. I began instructing parkour classes at a gymnastics gym in Glenwood Springs called Kidsplex. During my high school years, I filmed a few videos, traveled and trained in various locations, as well as preformed, and occasionally competed in friendly competitions, however I am not the most competitive by nature. After graduating from Aspen High School, I attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The parkour community in Lynchburg was undeveloped, so I began to spread the movement amongst my fellow students and taught private lessons as well as rounded up large groups of interested people at the Lynchburg Academy, an outstanding gymnastics facility. After my first year of college, I returned to Colorado to live in Grand Junction for a new venture, while attending the rest of my college career online. I now currently reside in a house with Vincent Coryell and Peter Chasteen. I am very blessed to be part of this movement, and cannot express my gratitude towards everyone I have encountered through my love for parkour.

5 replies on “Trevor Rittenhouse”

Trevor you are awesome and I am SO PROUD of you and your accomplishments. Always remember to give GOd the glory for the thing He has done for you. I love you Grandma Ruth

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