Vinnie Coryell Athlete


Name: Vinnie Coryell

Age: 23
Years of Movement: 7

Owner/Founder of Move to Inspire

Smile HeadBio: “I’ve always been extremely passionate about everything I do. Parkour is no different. I first started training Parkour in October of 2008, but I was no stranger to jumping around and trying to do flips. I always found ways to outrun kids on the playground when playing tag when I was younger, and loved to do tricks on the trampoline. When I was just weeks old, I was diagnosed with the genetic disease known as Cystic Fibrosis. A life long disease that affects the lungs and pancreas. Growing up I was in the hospital frequently and had a hard time completing high school. When I was 17 I had to drop out of high school and I recieved my G.E.D. The last 5 years of my life have been dedicated to teaching, learning, and doing movement. I’ve had the opportunity to take amazing trips around the U.S. and Europe to teach, perform, compete, and train. It has turned my life around and I have never been healthier. I have many goals and hopes for Move to Inspire and I’m excited for the future of movement and what we can achieve!”


Teaching Experience:

Apex Movement LVL 1 Certified Instructor

Kidzplex Gymnastics

3 years teaching classes and workshops relating to the following;

  • Parkour – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Parkour Workshops across the US, and Europe in over 10 cities.
  • Tumbling/Trampoline Basics
  • Boys Gymnastics – Recreational, Levels 1-5

Professional Work:


  • Red Bull: Art of Motion – Santorini 2013 – 10th Place
  • Red Bull: Art of Motion – Tampa 2010 – 8th Place(Finalist)
  • Red Bull: Art of Motion – Detroit 2011 – 6th Place(Finalist)
  • Red Bull: Art of Motion – Kuwait 2011 – 2nd Place and “Sickest Trick Award”
  • Red Bull: Art of Motion Nature – Switzerland 2012 – Finalist
  • Art of Movement: Utah State Parkour Competition – 3rd Place
  • Apex Movement Ninja Warrior Competition – 7th Place

Live Performances(As Performer)

  • LinkedIn Corporate Performance — MGM Las Vegas (2013)
  • Game Stop/Warner Bros Games — Dying Light Intro Performance — Venetian Las Vegas (2013)
  • MGM New Year’s Eve Event — MGM Las Vegas (2013)
  • St. Patrick’s Day Flash Mob Performance – Springs Sound Entertainment (2012)
  • Christmas Flash Mob Performance – Springs Sound Entertainment (2012)
  • Men’s Health Urbanathalon Performance – JEEP (2012)
  • The UPS Store Corporate Event – The UPS Store (2012)
  • Carrera Summer Solstice Event — Carrera Sunglasses (2012)
  • Night Vision – Christian Concert (2012)
  • Summer Flash Mob Performance – Springs Sound Entertainment (2011)
  • Teva Mountain Games Performance – Teva (2011)
  • NCAA Final Four Performance – AT&T (2011)

Media Work

  • The Freerunner (Production Workshop) (2013)
  • ‘The Takeover’ Short Parkour Film (2013)
  • MTV’s Made – Art of Motion Detroit (2012)
  • Loki Gear TV Commercial (2011)
  • KJCT New’s (2010 & 2011)

Move to Inspire – Founder/Owner

  • Professional Athlete
  • Performer
  • Instructor

Vinnie Coryell 2014 Memories from Vincent Coryell on Vimeo.